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Here’s How to Give Yourself A Loc Detox
Hair Spa Treatment
Eliminate Product Build Up​ and Chalky Residue WITHOUT Harsh Chemicals Or Expensive Salon Visits
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In about 20 minutes You Can Get Rid of Dirt, Oil, Lint, Odor, and Other Gunk Out of Your Locs... Even if it’s Been There 20 Years!
If you’ve been rocking your locs for a while, you know it can be hard to find good products to wash and maintain your dreadlocks.

A lot of times you start off using gels, waxes, butters, and creams that cause build up. And I get it.

You want your locs to lock faster...

To create the beautifully manicured manes you’ve seen on your favorite loc crushes. But you quickly start to notice something odd...

Your locs start looking dry and dull. They've become lifeless and no amount of shampoo or shine product seems to fix the problem.

Desperately trying to fix it with shampoos and products that just aren’t made for dreadlocks. You can go through a whole bottle and STILL end up like one LocStar who said...

”I have a lot of white creamy build up and no matter how much I wash my locs, it's still there... How do I get all this gunk out of my locs!?“

If you can relate, it’s time to Press The Reset Button. Let me explain.

My name is Kamaria, but you can call me Kay.
I started my natural hair journey in 1996.

Before Youtube.

Before Instagram.

And waaaay before corporate America accepted the beautiful hair that naturally comes out of our heads. Our God-given HAIRitage.

Back then, the only hair guide I had was Lauryn Hill.

More than just inspiring us to not wear “hair weaves like Europeans,” she helped a new generation of women embrace their natural hair.

But at the time, most of us didn’t know how to take care of our natural hair. And good dreadlock maintenance was unheard of.

From press and curls to relaxers, caring for our natural hair wasn’t really on our radar. We were left much to our own devices when we started our natural hair journeys, stumbling and fumbling through trying to figure this thing out.

Much less have access to styles and accessories for dreadlocks.

I know what it’s like to search and find NOTHING that helps you feel comfortable and confident in your locs.

Not just at work either...

My own family told me I wouldn’t be able to get a job wearing my hair in its natural state.

So do you think I found hair care companies to support me?

Not in the mid 90s.

And that led me to creating Loccessories, a resource to help you be bold, confident, and 100% unapologetic in your beautiful kinky, curly textured tresses.

But even today, over 20 years later...

You can still count on less than two hands how many dreadlock specific products are available!

Nobody wants dry, dirty locs that break and fall out, and you also don’t want to walk around with ashy hair from product build up.

And that’s where pressing the reset button with your own At-Home Loc Detox & Spa Treatment comes in...

When you’re on this journey long enough, you reach that moment where you realize all these products you think are helping you lock your hair can actually hinder your locking process.

All the gels, the waxes, the butters, the creams...

They leave behind gunk in your locs, weaken your hair and attract dirt, lint, and bad odors.

So what do you do?

How do you get all the gunk out, start fresh, and make it easy for your hair and scalp to absorb the products that actually help you grow and maintain healthy, beautiful dreadlocks?

You give your hair a ​refreshing and revitalizing deep cleanse​ withall-natural, healthy, ingredients that actually strengthen your hair​.


Honey Love Loc Detox Hair Bomb

At-Home Loc Detox Hair Bombs
Spa Treatment 
Self-Care For Your Hair

We ♥ Your Locs As Much As You Do.
Pamper Your Locs from Root→Tip
Restore Healthy Sheen & Shine
Say Goodbye to Pesky Lint &
Unsightly Product Build-up
Makes A Great ”Because I Care” Gift
Get One for Yourself and
Your Favorite LocStar!

It’s like a spa bath for your dreadlocks!

Formulated specifically to remove impurities that are damaging your locs, allowing your locs to breathe and become strong and healthy again.
dreadlocks products

Here‘s what you'll receive when you purchase today:

Your 3-piece Complete Care Kit includes:
● (1) Honey Love Loc Detox Hair Bomb
● (1) Travel Size African Black Soap Clarifying Shampoo
● (1) Travel Size Calm Condition Moisturizing Hair Spritz

What makes the Loc Detox Hair Bomb so effective?
Ingredients: All-Natural Baking Soda, Non GMO Citric Acid, Kosher Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Honey Powder, Sweet Almond Oil, Witch Hazel & Essential Oil Blend Made for Dreadlocks

This unique blend of ingredients:
● Dissolves, Destroys, and Removes Product Build Up from your locs
● Softens Your Hair for a Natural Shine
● Readies Your Hair to Be Moisturized and Hydrated with Natural Products
● Minimizes Itching With a Proprietary Anti-Fungal and Anti-Bacterial Essential Oil Blend
● Strengthens Your Hair At The Roots
● Attacks and Destroys Fungus & Bacteria That Is Irritating Your Scalp and Keeping Your Hair From Growing
Remove Years Of Product Build-Up In Less Than 20 Minutes
Now a dreadlock detox is not something you do every day or every week. But when you need to reset your locs, it’s the perfect solution.

And forget endlessly searching Amazon or dozens of other sites for all the natural ingredients that specifically work for your locs. Then having to combine all the ingredients in the right amounts. ​(Let’s be real, all of those YouTube hair gurus make their kitchen chemistry look like a full-time job! Ain’t nobody got time for that!) But don’t worry, we got you.

It’s all done for you in one convenient dreadlock detox hair bomb. Here’s how to use it:

1. Simply drop the dread detox bomb in your sink ​(or in a comfortable hair basin for even more of a spa experience).

2. Wait for it to fizz and dissolve.

3. Soak your locs for 15 - 20 minutes while squeezing periodically.

4. Then rinse, wash with an all-natural dreadlock shampoo, and rinse again.

5. And finally spritz your locs with natural oils and water.
Why Pay? In-Salon Hair Spa Treatment: $125.00 (or more)

Your Price: Only $45.00 Today!
Dreadlocks Detox Kit
Here’s what our customers are saying...

”I did the detox today and loved it!...My hair feels a lot lighter and visibly shinier! I have been loc’d for a year and a half and was not aware of all the build up my hair accumulated.“

- J. Taylor

”I love it. My hair feels so much softer and fresh. 😍”

- J. Conaway

”You have got a customer for LIFE!! Wow!! I have had my sistrelocks for over 5 years now. I have never done a detox. I stopped coloring my hair a year ago and lately my locs were looking dull and you could see all the lint. I googled a loc detox and your site came up. I am so happy I chose your product. My hair now looks and smells AMAZING!! Very pleased.

- Brandi W.

“I’ve had my locs going on 5 years and have never done any type of detox on my hair. This product was absolutely amazing! Got all the gunk out. I’m glad I ordered 3 so I’ll make sure to do this every six months.”

- Edowaye627
Gift for Dreadlocks - Loc Detox
locs feeling dry & dull? Won’t hold a curl? Feeling heavy or looking dry no matter how much hair product you add?

Refresh, Renew & Revitalize Your Locs with an Invigorating Deep Cleanse.

  • NO MUSS, NO FUSS: No need to hop around from store to store (or website to website) collecting all of the ingredients necessary to make detoxing your dreadlocks a success. And you don't have to fuss with a ton of individual ingredients and measurement calculations making a mess all over the kitchen and bathroom counter. We’ve combined all of the elements of an amazing Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse in one convenient hair bomb for an incredibly effective deep cleanse. 

  • ​SPA-LIKE EXPERIENCE: Treat yourself to some self-care for your hair. You’ll immerse your crown in a soothing hair bath of calming honey mint and be instantly flooded with sensations that tingle and invigorate your scalp. Enjoy a soothing aromatherapy hair spa session while giving your dreadlocks the tender-loving care they deserve. Hair Care never felt so good.

  • ​EASY TO USE: Fill the sink or a water basin with warm water. Drop the entire Loc Detox Deep Cleanse Hair Bomb* into the water. Wait for it to fizz and dissolve completely. Submerge and soak your dreadlocks for 15-20 minutes squeezing periodically to loosen and release product build-up and debris. Rinse well with warm water. Shampoo as normal with residue-free or clarifying shampoo. (African Black Soap Shampoo included).
*Note: If your dreads are past chest length or you have Congos, we recommend two back to back detox sessions. (2 bombs)

So claim yours now, because this incredible deal may not be offered the next time you visit. Order today and finally enjoy fresh from the salon, build-up free, shiny, light & luminous dreadlocks everyday.

Self-Care for Your Hair

We ♥ Your Locs As Much As You Do. Pamper Your Locs from Root→Tip

Restore Healthy
Sheen & Shine

Say Goodbye to Pesky Lint &
Unsightly Product Build-up

Makes A Great
“Because I Care” Gift

Get One for Yourself and
Your Favorite LocStar! 


Handmade with ♥ from Chicago.
Ships worldwide. 
 support @loccessories.com
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